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Here are five statements about hundreds and thousands.

1) Each hundred and thousand is individually filed down from a sweet block the size of a Hall’s Mentholyptus.

2) The Americans have individual elements 10 times the size of the British hundred and thousand. Our Stateside cousins call them ‘tens and hundreds.’

3) I don’t like hundreds and thousands as I think they make food look a bit rubbish.

4) A sachet of hundreds and thousands is in the British Army’s standard ration pack to raise morale. The sachet is known by squaddies as their ‘bag of special.’ The treats are often sprinkled on top of tinned beef stew.

5) Before rice and confetti came into vogue, hundreds and thousands were the missile of choice for relatives at weddings. They were banned when it was discovered they were the cause of an obesity crisis in birds. At one point, the crisis was so acute that the boughs of most trees outside churches were bent to breaking point, ruining the photos.

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