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You know, in this time-poor world, there is little more irksome than the constant demands by Facebook for one to update one’s profile.

Thankfully, help is at hand. I shall soon be setting up an online service – FacebookFatigue.com. For a small monthly fee, FacebookFatigue.com will update your profile for you. Just send us an email explaining how you feel or outlining your programme for the day and we will ensure your friends receive a constant and up-to-date news service.

Even more pressed for time? Our Premium service will fill in your status entirely on your behalf. We have a number of packages specifically tailored for the person you are:

PartyAnimal (TM)
eg John Smith is tired/out on the razz/regretting having that twelfth tequila

Earnest’n’Thoughtful (TM)
eg John Smith is worried/disturbed by the latest news from Iraq/really annoyed by racism

ShowOff (TM)
eg John Smith is loved up/jetting off to the Maldives in seven hours. Can’t wait!!/celebrating his new job as Angelina Jolie’s bosom wrangler

QuirkyZany (TM)
eg John Smith is Monkfish/like Brian Blessed, only painted green/a bucket of cheese

Sign up now!!!

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