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These days I’m shining the light of truth on the Godless/liberal/Marxist/Jewish conspiracy. It’s a right old struggle, let me tell you. Anyway, if there isn’t a big Jewish conspiracy to run the world, why are so many Jews hidden in public life? Answer me that, huh, huh?

Oh, you don’t think there are any hidden Jews in public life? Then let me start at the top.

Number 1: The Pope

He’s definitely Jewish.


  • Real name is Joe Ratzinger.
  • Often seen reading Old Testament (or ‘Only Testament,’ as he NO DOUBT refers to it in private).
  • Wears skull cap in public.
  • Papal name is Benedict, often abbreviated to Benny – like Benny Goodman.
  • Is circumcised.*

* Awaiting confirmation on this point. All requests to Vatican for proof have been ignored – firming up suspicion that Roman Catholic Church is part of pan-global Jewish conspiracy.

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