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Goodness, I’ve been busy. Do you know how busy I’ve been? I’ll tell you, I’ve been busier than the following COMBINED!!!!

  • A sniffer dog at Creamfields;
  • The man who picks up all the coins from the stage after a Jimmy Carr gig;
  • The bloke who stands in front of Osama Bin Laden holding his coat and umbrella wide open to obscure him from American spy satellites when Osama’s got the runs;
  • The chap who Piers Morgan employs to tell him he’s a cock every time he acts like a cock;
  • A peanut collector at an all-you-can-eat peanut buffet.

So, as you can see, I’ve been quite busy. So busy that I’ve been completely unable to direct you to this website, which collects passive-aggressive notes like the one in my previous post. Thankfully, that’s all over now.

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Does anybody remember the chocolate bar Marathon?

I used to be a big fan. They were a bit like Mars bars, but somehow the makers managed to squeeze in some peanuts. This was ideal for me, as I adore peanuts. Not to the extent that I have a peanut collection*, or anything like that. I just mean I like the taste of peanuts – aesthetically, they do nothing for me.

Anyway, Marathons. They were lovely, but they don’t appear to make them anymore. I asked a local confectioner if she had any, but she just looked at me, slack jawed, as if I had asked her for a chocolate-covered anvil, or something equally unlikely, and pointed dumbly at her vast array of sweetmeats (In the event, I chose a Topic, but it wasn’t the same).

Now, I am aware of a recent online campaign to bring back the Wispa bar, which was very successful in the sense that the Wispa bar was indeed brought back.

What say you? Will you join me in my campaign to bring back the Marathon?

* Thinking about it, I suppose peanuts would eventually go a bit mouldy. You’d have to lacquer them, I imagine, if you wanted to keep them in a collection. Just one more reason not to have one, I suppose, probably more trouble than it’s worth.

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