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I’ve come up with a cracking idea. I recently done a tweet on the Twitter suggesting that it would be good to market malted milk biscuits without the picture of the cow on it to vegetarians.

Somebody pointed out that vegans would still be unable to have them, as they don’t agree with milk. Milk is like kryptonite to vegans. Give milk to a vegan and he or she will say, “Ugh! No thanks. Put it back in the cow,” or something to that effect.
That makes me unreasonably sad. Malted milk biscuits are ace. I don’t see why vegans should miss out, just because they’re averse to mince.
So I’ve come up with this prototype…
I particularly like the soya bean, which replaces the more conventional cow. It’s going to make my fortune. I’ll spend some of it on meat, but I don’t want that to put the nice vegans/vegetarians off. They can’t take responsibility for my actions.

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