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Today’s example comes from Franklins Deli in Liverpool. It is a new venture which has a lot of red splashed here and there, so it is difficult to know whether the red candles are part of the everyday decor. To be honest, it’s the sort of place which could have massive red candles all over the place. The teeny tiny ickle red tree hiding in the middle of the picture is definitely a decoration.
Remember, if you have any examples of your own, please contact me at my Twitter address @GrahamBandage, and I’ll put it up here. The most disappointing will win a prize. An actual prize. You’re pushing it if you want to get it in before Christmas, and after that it’ll be a bit melancholy. Tell you what, you can add it as a comment down below. I can’t say fairer than that.*

* I can. It’s easy

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