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I’m terribly sorry I haven’t updated this blog for a few days, but, in my defence, I have been terribly busy. How busy? I’ll tell you. I’ve been . . .

Busier than a Dewsbury social worker.

Busier than Boris Johnson’s apology speechwriter.

Busier than the bluebird of happiness alighting on Everton supporters this morning.

Busier than the pigeon of woe alighting on Liverpool supporters this morning.

Busier than Teresa in the canteen when Fat Brian’s in work.

Busier than Justin Timberlake as he pops around the world bringing sexy back*.

Busier than the chap in our office who rolls his eyes and says “Cuh! That flipping Myleene Klass is in the blooming paper again” every time Myleene Klass is in the paper.

I shall leave you with a thought. If Liverpool Football Club are serious about winning the Champions League again, they should change their name to “UEFA Champions League FC”, thereby ensuring that their “name is on the cup” every year.

*Surely he must have finished by now. He’s been at it for months.

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