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I had a look on blogsearch.google.co.uk because somebody came to visit me based on a search for Judi Dench. To be honest, I doubt my visitor found what he/she was looking for, as my detail on Dame Judi’s current whereabouts/projects was sketchy at best.

Anyway, it turns out that if you put the search term “Noam Chomsky Alan Titchmarsh” into blogsearch.google.co.uk, THIS is the only blog which mentions both of those luminaries in the one post.

I find that frankly astonishing. They’re both leaders in their field (or garden, in the case of Titchmarsh, Ha! LOL! ROFFLE! LMAO! LFL!). Why would nobody else speak of them in the same breath? How dare they, how bloody dare they?

So my challenge to you is this. If you are a regular, or irregular, blogger, please give the pairing a mention. Let’s give the Titchmarsh/Chomsky axis the kudos it deserves.

Thank you.

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I think Boris Johnson should be voted the Mayor of London because he is funny and would be a good laugh.

I don’t know if he would be very good at all the day-to-day stuff like making things work and that, but I’m 100 per cent convinced that he would make a decent fist of shambling along a bit later on to say sorry with his blond hair and sheepish grin.

Also, I don’t think David Cameron would let him do anything on his own. He’d get that tough Australian man to make all the important decisions and leave Boris to do all the bike riding and scrumping and sex. Which I’m sure would suit Boris.

In fact, the only downside to Boris getting the big job is that he wouldn’t be able to do Have I Got News For You so much any more, but maybe that would leave an opening for other guest presenters like Noam Chomsky or Dame Judi Dench or Alan Titchmarsh or one of those.

It’s nothing to do with me because I don’t live in London, but I’m reminded of when I was a student and there was a big campaign to make Reg Holdsworth off of Coronation Street the new chancellor, even though that wasn’t even his real name.

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