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(Warning: do not click on the YouTube thing if you’ve got a thing about not seeing people regurgitate rats.)

Buying prescription drugs over the internet is a bad idea. You don’t need me to tell you that. Let this chap below tell you that instead.

I’m a bit baffled by that advert. The point it seems to want to make is that you shouldn’t buy drugs over the internet because there might be rat poison in them. But rat poison is not the same as a rat, any more than Kryptonite is Superman. If anything, take these drugs and you’re taking the opposite of a rat.

I’m glad I don’t work in advertising. I’d probably have done something more straightforward and not completely counterintuitive. And then all the chaps and girls back at the advertising agency would point at me and laugh. “Look at the big fool,” they would say, “with his daft way of presenting the facts as they are rather than doing something spectacular and a bit mental.”

In any case, if you did have a rat living in your body, as this poor chap appears to, then taking a Viagra pill laced with rat poison would probably be the least of your difficulties.
If anything, if you were playing host to Ratty, a Viagra pill laced with rat poison would possibly be the best thing to take. One, because it would kill off the rodent, and, two, because it would take your mind off the whole business.

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