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Brrr. Chilly.

Imagine being an employee of the T-Mobile shop on Lord Street in Liverpool and seeing that sign as you arrive for work.

There are only two interpretations one can put on that sign, as far as I can see.

The first is that the manager of the store has hellish precognitive powers. Not like Derren Brown, who is a fake and a charlatan, but like that bloke out of The Dead Zone… only real. Last night, after the employees left the store, he became aware that one of them was going to be struck down with illness, maybe even death.

I wonder why he hasn’t been more specific. Perhaps the visions are shadowy. Or perhaps he doesn’t want the employee in question to have this awful Sword of Damocles hanging over him or her. It must be a terrible dilemma for the manager – not wanting to worry the staff, but at the same time having to warn the public of a minor reduction in service.

But the second interpretation is much more sinister. It’s a threat. Somehow, maybe by some sort of injection, the manager is going to actually bring about illness in his staff. And he’s so calculating, he even knows what time it’s going to happen. Honestly, what sort of manager plots the incapacitating illness of his staff? A sick and twisted one, I’d say. Certainly, it rides roughshod over dignity in the workplace guidelines.

I don’t have the answers, I can only offer you questions.

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