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Literally as many as some people have enjoyed and been mentally stimulated by my series of Friday Interviews.

But I have long been concerned that it has not been easily accessible for those unable to read, for whatever reason, perhaps pressures of time, or lack of intelligence. That ends today.
Now there is no excuse for the busy, or the stupid, not to be absorbed by the Friday Interview. You can even listen to it at the gym. As long as you don’t go on about it afterwards. The gym, not my blog. You can go on about my blog for as long as you like, or longer. In fact, I’d encourage that.
Honestly, though, it’s just paying somebody so you can do your exercises. I don’t want to hear about your gym experience. I don’t bang on about breathing, which is also pretty necessary. “Oh, look, everybody, I’ve exhaled. I must put it on the Twitter.” I mean, how dare they? How bloody dare they?
Anyway, I think you’ve grasped the tenor of my argument. Here’s the interview.

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